Dynatrol Density Systems Measure and Resist Acids

Dynatrol’s Density Cell and Digital Converter provide a solution for measuring the density and concentration of acids and caustics in liquid and slurry form.


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A photo collage of Dynatrol's Density Cell and Digital Converter
Photo Credit: Dynatrol

Dynatrol’s (Houston, Texas) Density Systems provide specific gravity and percent concentration measurements while resisting corrosive caustics, acids, ammonia, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acids and nitric acids. The Density Cell portion of the system utilizes unique vibratory principles to provide continuous measurement of liquids and slurries at on-line process conditions.

The company says its Density Cell is both weather-tight and explosion-proof, with no moving parts to shorten its long operating life. Dynatrol offers density cells with Tantalum media contact parts, as well as Hastelloy c-276, Carpenter 20, s316L stainless steel and other application-specific alloys.

Dynatrol’s Series 2000 Digital Converter receives data from the Density Cell, using an on-board microcontroller and liquid-crystal display to report the measured variable, temperature, frequency and other calibration data. The Digital Converter has a 4-20mA standard output and RS-232 communication.