Uyemura Niphos 968 Features Corrosion Resistance

Appears in Print as: 'Nickel Technology Features Corrosion Resistance'

Uyemura will showcase a number of products at SUR/FIN 2019, including Arguna 630, Miralloy and Semi-bright alkaline copper.


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Uyemura International Corporation’s Niphos 968 electrolytic nickel produces a bright, RoHS finish with corrosion properties equal to electroless nickel and. It is said to accommodate as much as 13 percent phosphorus for high hardenability.

The company’s Arguna 630 has prebaked hardness of as much as 170 vickers and is designed to replace hard gold in automotive applications and enhance silver contact wearability. Miralloy is said to be an alternative to silver, palladium and nickel. It is also cyanide free, according to the company. It deposits as much as 8 mircons with resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

A KHW-NC is a semi-bright alkaline copper that plates onto aluminum and eliminates double zincating. BlackNight offers low L values, low reflectance, dense topography and hardness at 600-800 HV.