Rolls-Royce's Profound Paint Job with 23.75-Carat Gold

Imagine a paint job for a vehicle that is 10 layers thick and which uses 250 percent more paint than the standard, a standard which is already superlative.
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Parts Cleaning

Winona Powder Coating Announces Expansion

The 167,000-square-foot facility currently houses state-of-the-art powder coating lines, sand blasting, wheelabrating, and the expanded batch system.
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Powder Coating

Axalta Sponsors, Builds Mobility Cars for GoBabyGo!

GoBabyGo! began in 2006 to give children with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other mobility disabilities the opportunity to socialize and move around with their siblings and peers.
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Parts Cleaning

Pretreatment Change Eases Wastewater Headaches

OMG Roofing Products gets help with wastewater treatment.

Parts Cleaning

Sunny Outlook for Florida Powder Coater

Benada Aluminum rebounds their business with improved chemistries and equipment in their powder coating operations.
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Parts Cleaning

Precision Engineering Talks of Benefits of In-House Powder Line

President of Uxbridge, Massachusetts shop extolls the benefits of having an in-house powder coating line in a story published in the Worcester Business Journal Online.
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Liquid Coating

Axalta to Acquire Ellis Paint Company

Ellis products include the Hy-Lux line of multi-purpose coatings, the Shaft-Lac line of solventborne coatings, the Maximus line of low-VOC industrial maintenance coatings and the Engard line of heavy-duty industrial coatings

Liquid Coating

Hosco Wins Automation Alley Award

Award recognizes one advanced manufacturing or technology company in our region that has successfully launched its products, services or technologies abroad.
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Mechanical Finishing

Supplier Happiness Equals Sales Success

Working Relations Index measures partnerships between suppliers and OEMs.
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Liquid Coating

How to Improve Liquid Corrosion Resistance

Q. How can we improve the desired corrosion resistance expected from our coating?