Enthone Six Sigma Black Belt Graduation Marks 10th Class

Twenty-third class worldwide since the inception of the company-wide program in 2001.
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Enthone Inc. says the upcoming graduation of the company’s 2014 Six Sigma Black Belt class marks the tenth black belt training certification held in the Americas and the twenty-third class worldwide since the inception of the company-wide program in 2001.


In the past thirteen years, there have been over 40 customer-focused Enthone Black Belt projects that have reaped in excess of $10,000,000 USD in customer financial benefits derived through higher operational efficiencies, increased production yields, and enablement of next generation manufacturing designed to meet OEM specifications. Each customer black belt project has yielded $150,000 to well over $1,000,000 in savings.


Today there are over seventy active Enthone Black Belts which are supported by 450 Green Belts from all sectors of the company, including technical applications engineers and research scientists, as well as operations, sales and marketing professionals. Since the program’s inception, over 750 Enthone employees have been completed Black Belt or Green Belt training.


“For more than a decade, Enthone has continued a deliberate and highly disciplined approach to expanding the company’s focus and resources on investing in our greatest resource – the Enthone Team---by driving a Six Sigma culture throughout the organization, and most especially to our technical application and sales engineers," said Jason Maupin, Vice President – Enthone Americas. "No other chemical supplier in the surface finishing and electronics industries offers a Six Sigma program to enhance the company’s overall skill set, while providing direct value to customers.”


For further information on Enthone Customer Value Six Sigma (CVSS), contact Gary Sutcliffe, Manager of Customer Value Six Sigma at gsutcliffe@enthone.com or your local Enthone representative.