Lawn Mower Blades

Question: We produce lawn mower blades for after-market sale.

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We produce lawn mower blades for after-market sale. Currently they are not coated at all. Is electrocoat a good candidate for painting this product? B.E.


Electrocoating is probably the most cost-effective organic coating available in the industry. However, a system can be capital intensive. I would suggest you contact a local custom coater for samples and pricing to get a feel for the appearance and cost.

The Electrocoat Association ( can help you find a custom coater in your area, if you are not aware of one.

I would assume that the product has the volume and would lend itself to some type of automation for racking and unracking. A square-transfer type of electrocoat system can produce a significant amount of product while using a minimum amount of floor space.

Since presale appearance is probably your only requirement, the lowest cost electrocoat material is probably an anodic acrylic. Most custom coaters will be running a black cathodic epoxy, which is more corrosion protection than you will require. A dry film thickness of 0.5-0.7 mil should meet your needs.

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