"Little John" Przybylinski Celebrates 50 Years With RPW/Elite

Company honors dedicated employee with a shiny new Cadillac SRX
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John "Little John" Przybylinski celebrated 50 years of dedicated service to RPW/Elite in Milwaukee.


Company owner Jaime Maliszewski reports the following celebration took place, which included a new Cadillac SUV:


"Over 50 past and current customers and suppliers, as well as, family and friends showed up at Tuckaway CC to surprise John with a luncheon and roast. Jeff Maliszewski let John know that many of his co-workers really wanted to come to the party as well, but when they heard it was NOT a retirement party they all lost interest. John’s wife Sandy was there along with his son and daughters that came in from out of town with their families. There was a lot of talk about old times and many embarrassing and fun stories. It all built to a gift presentation for his loyalty. John was taken to the window and when he looked down there was a sign saying “Thank you for 50 Years!” next to a shiny new Cadillac SRX. This caused John to be speechless, which for those that know John, you know this was an absolute miracle in itself. Thanks again John, you deserve this and we hope you enjoy it with your great family."



Congratulations, John, from Products Finishing. Watch this video HERE:




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