MetoKote Adds Powercron Advantage Electrocoat to Systems in Two Plants

Powercron AdvantEdge is a next-generation high-edge cationic-epoxy product formulated with a proprietary metal-free catalyst.
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MetoKote Corporation, the largest custom coating applicator in the world, has added new electrocoating technology at their Sheffield Village, Ohio and Sumter, South Carolina plants.


The new Powercron AdvantEdge technology by PPG Industries is a next-generation high-edge cationic-epoxy product formulated with a proprietary metal-free catalyst that eliminates the need for dibutyl tin and other scarce or restricted heavy metals as catalyzing agents.


"Our customers' requirements for additional corrosion protection and more environmentally friendly materials continue to increase. The benefits of using high-edge materials, in particular the Powercron AdvantEdge product, allow us to keep up with these requirements," stated Brent Schwartz, MetoKote VP Engineering.


According to PPG, Powercron AdvantEdge electrocoat is specifically engineered to provide high-edge protection of cut, stamped or formed edges on complex metal parts. Powercron AdvantEdge e-coat offers several performance advantages over e-coats formulated with conventional metal-based catalyzing technologies. These include curing at temperatures as low as 320F to reduce energy use and related carbon emissions, as well as excellent workability, a smooth film appearance, enhanced throwpower and excellent corrosion resistance.


"The addition of the Powercron AdvantEdge product simply reiterates MetoKote's position as the industry leader in technology," Schwartz said. "We strive to offer the highest quality coating services, and through our strategic partnership with PPG we are able to continue providing unprecedented coating solutions. We are currently the only custom coater supplying Powercron AdvantEdge e-coat, and our goal is to achieve 100 percent conversion to using high-edge electrocoat in all of our e-coating tanks."


MetoKote Corporation, established in 1969 and headquartered in Lima, Ohio, serves its many customers in 31 facilities throughout the United States and the world. MetoKote provides environmentally sound and cost-effective coating solutions including equipment, coating application, and related management and support services to a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, appliance, automotive, computer, construction equipment, electrical, furniture, industrial equipment, recreational, and truck and bus. For more information, please metokote.com.

For more information, visit ppg.com and follow @PPGIndustries on Twitter.