Pebbled Surface on bronze


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Q. We have been approached by a customer who wants to produce a pebble-like surface on a bronze casting. Can you give us any information on how this can be done? C.P.


A. I’m not aware of any simple one-step process for doing this. Typically, if you are looking to have a textured or grain-like appearance on the surface, a multistep process is required. The first step requires the application of a plating stop-off to the surface in the pattern that you require.

The second step would consist of etching the unprotected areas with a suitable etchant such as nitric acid, ferric sulfate/sulfuric acid or a suitable formulated product. The stop-off would then be removed.

The final step would involve restoring the luster to the surface of the part. This could be done by a bright dipping or buffing of the surface. The last step would be to plate the part with the desired metal.