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Exair No-Drip Air Atomizing Nozzles Conserve Liquids


Exair’s 1/8 NPT no-drip internal mix air atomizing spray nozzles are designed to mix liquid and air inside the nozzle to produce fine atomized liquids and stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off to eliminate post-spray drips and conserve liquids. According to the company, when the compressed air supply is shut off, the no-drip nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid, eliminating the possibility of drips. The nozzles are available in three different liquid patterns — narrow angle round, wide angle round and flat fan patterns. They are also available with 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 NPT inlets with a variety of liquid flow values. They are for pressure-fed applications where precise liquid flow is needed. Internal mix nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to 300 cP.

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It’s day 3 of “social distancing” as I write this. I’m sure many of you are having some of the same conversations, the same nervous jokes, the same struggles of balancing your work and home life — particularly, if like me, you have kids who are also now at home with the threat of no school for the rest of the year looming large. 

The implications of the coronavirus outbreak seem increasingly real all the time. When I talk to shops they talk about the short term of it all. While everyone is dealing with the struggles of maintaining some sense of normalcy and productivity, for most shops it seems people are still able to work, parts are still being made. For now, it doesn’t seem to have impacted the day to day of “making stuff.” 

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Living in Interesting Times


A month ago at the time of this writing, I was setting up appointments and packing my bags for a trip abroad as a senior editor for Product Finishing’s sister publication CompositesWorld. I was finishing up two articles that were on deadline, running down leads on my upcoming articles and my head was swimming with new ideas for stories further down the pipeline.

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Finishing Index Reports Slowing Contraction

Finishers reported their third month of slowing activity in February as the Finishing Index ended February at 49.0. A reading of 50 would indicate no change in month-to-month activity, while values above 50 indicate expanding business activity. Gardner Intelligence’s review of the underlying index components observed that the Index was supported by a strong expansion in supplier delivery activity followed by production and employment. Conversely, the Index was restrained by sharply slowing backlog activity. Contracting new orders and exports activity also weighed on the Index’s February performance.

Manufacturing Outlook as a Result of COVID-19:
The impact of COVID-19, widely known as the “Coronavirus,” is expected to have an adverse effect on the Finishing Index in the coming months. The efforts of Asian governments in January and February — and by a widening collection of nations in February and March — to combat the spread of COVID-19, while necessary, is also having a detrimental impact on the world’s supply chain, as workers, companies and cities are affected by quarantine measures. This will most immediately restrict the normal flow of upstream and subcomponent goods, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the manufacturing sector.

The Finishing Index is unique in its ability to meticulously measure business conditions specific to the finishing industry on a monthly basis. This means that, moving forward, this Index will be able to quantify both the initial shock from the virus along with the timing and strength of the finishing industry’s eventual recovery. At this time, it is particularly important for our readers to complete the GBI survey sent to them each month.

Your participation will enable the best and most accurate reporting of the true magnitude and duration of COVID-19. It will allow you and your peers to make data-driven decisions at a time when there may be a strong temptation to make impulsive gut-decisions that could make a difficult situation worse.


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Topfinish Airspray Gun Offers Minimal Overspray


Wagner’s automatic airspray gun Topfinish GA 1030 is designed for universal industrial liquid coating applications that require excellent atomizing properties and quality spray patterns. According to the company, the unit offers low-wear, which reduces spare part and maintenance costs, and enable process-safe coating in continuous operation. It is said the unit offers high reliability, minimal overspray and low paint mist. The company says it has a modular design which facilitates a variety of coating applications, including wood, metal or plastic. The material flow is regulated via a needle adjustment knob with a micrometer screw. The gun is available with internal and external air regulation, via buttons on the gun or remote control.

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