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The Electrocoat Association’s online Electrocoat Learning Management (ELM) system is available to access keynotes, panel discussions and workshop sessions from previous events such as Boot Camp, Ecoat16 and Ecoat18.

The site it located at creating an account, users also have access to live and prerecorded webinars that include quizzes and question/answer sections. Additionally, webinars are broken down into microlearning videos (MLVs) for a focused learning option. The association says anyone who has already attended an event won’t have to purchase it again.

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Here is your top news from the finishing world for the week of July 24:

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Posted by: Christine Fennessy 7/16/2019

LeHigh Research Yields Hardest, Thinnest Coatings

Lehigh University researchers Dr. Nicholas Strandwitz and Dr. Brandon Krick, who are on the faculty of Lehigh’s P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science and affiliated with the university’s Institute for Functional Materials and Devices (I-FMD), believe they’ve discovered the hardest, thinnest, most wear-resistant coatings yet — plasma-enhanced atomic layer-deposited titanium and vanadium nitrides.

“This new material beats commercial coatings by orders of magnitude in wear performance,” says Krick.

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Henkel has helped Envases Técnicos Zaragoza S.L. Entinox, a Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel beer barrels, set up a pickling and passivating line using a nitric acid-free process.

The challenge in pickling solutions for stainless steel lies in removing all scale, iron contamination and welding oxides for achieving a fully passivated surface with an even, clean and aesthetic finish. In the food industry and for key products such as beer kegs, the surface must also be absolutely free of any traces of pickling agents after the process. In addition, manufacturers face increasingly strict health, safety and environmental regulations with regard to the release of potentially harmful substances, such as NOx emissions in air and nitrate effluents in water.

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Carlisle Fluid Technologies (CFT) has acquired Ecco Finishing, a privately held manufacturer of low- and high-pressure painting equipment and sealing applicators based in Sweden.

Ecco’s products are used in a variety of application settings, primarily in the automotive, ceramics, leather, wood and plastics industries.

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