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Titan's Hydraulic Airless Sprayer Designed for Durability


Titan’s  Elite 3000 electric-sealed, hydraulic airless paint sprayer is a one-gun sprayer designed to deliver a consistent finish with easy operation. According to the company, it is outfitted with PermaStroke Technology, so there is no piston, packings or clutch to wear or replace. It is said to be a durable contractor-grade sprayer that can spray up to 100 gallons per week. The company says that the PermaStroke Technology provides top performance at all pressures, even when using smaller tips or spraying coatings prone to shearing. Maintenance is said to be minimal with only two cartridge-style wear parts, the inlet and outlet valves, which are field serviceable and can be changed with common tools. The Elite 3000 comes standard with a Titan RX-PRO gun, TR1 tip and 50-foot hose.

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Chromic Acid Anodizing Masking Tape Replaces Liquid Masking


Custom Fabricating & Supplies (Franklin, Wisc., U.S.) has announced it is a Preferred Converter of 3M Corp.’s 8985L Anodization Masking Tape. The tape is specifically designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used during chromic acid anodizing (CAA) replacing the complex, messy liquid masking and the unpleasant odors involved. It features a non-silicone rubber adhesive to minimize the risk of silicone contamination impacting downstream processes such as bonding or paint adhesion. Supplied on a liner, it can easily be die-cut for faster masking — eliminating hand trimming.

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Personal Breathing Unit has Built-in Filter Monitor


Martech Service Company’s personal air breathing unit model P-20 is compliant for OSHA-required Grade “D” breathable air for a proper NIOSH-approved respirator. According to the company, when used properly, the unit will work with an existing filtered compressed air supply. When used with a provided 54" tool air hose assembly, it is said to allow for a bypass of air for a paint spray gun.  It is a 20-scfm system that can be used with full hoods, equipped with vortex cooling tubes. The company says the unit is a complete, belt-mounted system, with a built-in filter with filter monitor, and a carbon monoxide monitor with both audible and visual alarms. It is said the monitor runs on a single battery and continuously monitors the air for compliance with current OSHA standards.

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ActOn Finishing Launches Partnership with GPA Innova

ActOn Finishing (Coventry, UK) has joined with Spanish firm GPA Innova to serve as its UK distributor of DLyte finishing machines to various manufacturing sectors, including healthcare, aerospace, automotive, 3D printing and motorsport industries. ActOn is a surface finishing technology provider, which also has a ceramic media manufacturing facility in Malaysia, and is looking to grow by offering additional services to both new and existing clients.

The DLyte combines grinding and polishing in a one-step process to produce smooth and shiny finished parts. It is used for metal parts that require high performance or superior finishes, including steel and stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, nickel and other common metal alloys.

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