Liquid Coating

Index Contracts on Weak Backlogs and Exports

November Finishing Index: 45.7


Coventya Acquires Midwest Distributor

Mibus President Sean Bustard joins Coventya as regional sales manager.
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Early Project Scoping Considerations in Finishing Projects

In Part 3 we focus on critical scoping and cost estimating considerations in the early planning and development for surface finishing process projects.


Capital Cost Considerations in Finishing Projects

In Part 2, we discuss considerations for cost estimates over the life cycle of a surface finishing project.


Capital Cost Estimate Classes

Different levels of capital cost estimates provide key input for decisions over the life of surface finishing projects.
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Nanostructure of Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide: Advances in Surface Engineering

Porous alumina membranes of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) are widely used for the fabrication of various nanostructures and nanodevices.  Over the last decade, nanowires, nanotubes and nanodot arrays, have been fabricated by the deposition of various metals, semiconductors, oxides and polymers inside the pores of AAO membranes.  These structures are produced by changing the anodization conditions, during electrochemically self -ordering of AAO.  One can obtain amorphous barrier-type oxides, crystalline barrier-type oxides or amorphous nanoporous oxides, but fabricating binary nanostructures is challenging.  Here, we review methods to  achieve diverse binary nanostructure arrays, including material, dimension and morphology.
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FAA Proposes $3.9 Million Civil Penalty Against Boeing Over Plated Parts

Slat tracks were weakened by a condition known as hydrogen embrittlement that occurred during cadmium-titanium plating.
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Powder Coating

Apex Announces New Production Manager

Michael Holland leads production at Portland facility.


A Lustrous Example of Expanding a Plating Operation

Ohio’s Lustrous Metal Coatings Pins Growth on Acquiring Other Manufacturing Operations
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Preventing Anodizing Cathodes from Turning Red

While the red color may not be desirable, anodizing expert Drew Nosti says it poses no particular problem to a successful anodizing process.