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Minding Your Own Business

The Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit in October 2020 will give you that opportunity.
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Fixing Salt Spray Failures After Passivating, Baking

This is a common challenge faced by many acid zinc platers who Mark Adams from Columbia Chemical says perform hydrogen embrittlement relief on acid zinc plated fasteners.
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Liquid Coating

Index Experiences Accelerating Contraction

September Finishing Index is 46.4, posting a third month of contracting activity.

Powder Coating

Internships: Not Just for Coffee Makers and Photocopiers

Organizations that don’t offer internships are missing a huge opportunity to improve.
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Frontier Group Launches New Chemical Processing Line

Arizona-based provider of aerospace metal finishing services reopened its Phoenix chemical processing facilities after $1.5 million complete transformation.
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Technic Low-Acid Tin Concentrate Reduces Costs

Techni NF Tin 400 LA Concentrate is a low, free-acid tin methanesulfonate solution for inert anode plating bath applications.


Masters’ Association of Metal Finishers Raises $10,000 in Golf Tournament

The event attracted more than 60 players and was held at Oak Hill Golf Club in Milford, New Jersey.


Laser-Induced Selective Deposition on Metal Using Electroless Gold

Originally published as H.R. Khan, M.U. Kittel and Ch. J. Raub, Plating and Surface Finishing, 75 (8), 58-64 (1988), this paper was awarded the 1989 AESF Gold Medal.  The idea was to see if shining a laser on the substrate during electroless gold plating had any significant effect.  The results are presented here.  
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Electrocodeposition of MCrAlY Coatings for Advanced Gas Turbine Applications - 7th Quarterly Research Report

This NASF-AESF Foundation research project report covers the seventh quarter of project work (July-September 2019) on the AESF Foundation Research project at the Tennessee Technological University. The objective of the work is to study and optimize the MCrAlY electro-codeposition process to improve the coating oxidation/corrosion performance.  In this quarter, the effect of the particle size of gas-atomized CrAlY powders on electro-codeposited Ni-CrAlY composite coatings was studied.
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Process Technology Garden Designated as Monarch Waystation Habitat

Monarch Waystation gardens are required to be at least 100 square feet, contain milkweed and nectar plants, provide adequate shelter, and follow specific habitat management guidelines.
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