Powder Coating

Finishing Index Makes Progress Back Toward ‘50’

August Finishing Index is 48.2, indicating that overall business conditions contracted for a second month, but at a slower rate than previously recorded.
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It’s Not Always the Seal Tank

When testing anodized aluminum for quality, poor anodize conditions result in weakened coatings and AAMA 611 test failures.


A Conversation With Brad Durkin, Coventya

Brad Durkin is director of international product management for Coventya, and the chairperson of the SUR/FIN Technical Advisory Committee that puts together the conference sessions each summer.
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Fixing Excessive Brightener Consumption From Dull Work In Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc

Although great strides have been made over the last 30 years in the development of alkaline non-cyanide zinc processes, Asterion’s Graham Torr says not all “modern” systems are created equal.
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Finishing Fluids for 3D Printed Parts

Choosing the correct binder jetting finishing fluids plays a key role in the success of 3D-printed products.

Top Shops

Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit Planned for 2020

Owners and managers of plating, liquid and powder coatings shops to converge at singular conference to share best practices in peer-to-peer setting.
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Liquid Coating

Famis Celebrates 50 Years in Industrial Finishing

Family owned and operated, Miami-based industrial chemicals and finishes distributor provides sales, service and consulting to the industrial paint and finishing markets in Florida.
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VIDEO: Finishing News for Week of Sept. 25

Products Finishing presents the latest finishing news, including items on Axalta, Extreme High-speed Laser Material Deposition, Arlington Plating, Process Technology and Columbia Chemical.

Liquid Coating

Liquid and Powder Coat Top Shops Survey Starts in December, Along with Plating

For the first time, the liquid and powder coating part of the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey will take place in December.
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Novel Post Treatment of Nano-particle Reinforced Metallic Coatings

This paper discusses a novel post-treatment reinforcement process for both electroless and electrolytic nano-composite coatings which further improves the hardness of the coating (+40%), while also improving the ductility of the material.  This technology is applicable to commercial baths for a large variety of electrolytic and electroless coatings.  Interestingly, post-treated coatings retain performance at higher temperatures, suggesting improved oxide dispersion strengthening effects, potentially offering new coating options for high temperature applications.
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