Electroplater Dave Roach, NASF Award Winner, Passes

Owner of Peninsula Metal Finishing, Orlando, FL, passed away suddenly on August 7.
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Dave Roach, 71, owner of Peninsula Metal Finishing, Orlando, FL, passed away suddenly on August 7.


He began his career as a technical sales specialist for Enthone in 1970. Three years later, he was named supervisor of a large plating jobshop.


He established Peninsula in 1985 to provide services for the aerospace, automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and military industries. Finishes include: anodizing; cadmium, gold, nickel, electroless nickel, tin, and zinc plating; chromating and phosphating. Under his guidance, the jobshop grew to 22,000 square feet and 30 employees. 


In 1991, Dave opened a second business as international distributor for Flo King Filter Systems.


He received the National Association of Finishers (NASF) Award of Merit in 2014 and was interviewed in the February 2015 issue of Products Finishing


He is survived by his loving family, including wife of 48 years (Becky), three daughters, and six grandchildren.


Dave enjoyed fishing and painting with his grandchildren (yes, he was an artist). He also liked hunting deer, turkey and hogs. He had a passion for flying airplanes and at the age of 40 received his private pilot’s license.


Dave was personable, an excellent conversationalist, had a wonderful sense of humor, and generously shared his metal-finishing expertise with others.  Those who knew him well will miss him greatly.


The following photo was taken in February 1977:





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