Managing Gold Plating for Electrical Contacts

With electrical contacts continuing to grow smaller, platers need to know how to manage the three key considerations of gold plating: thickness, purity and underplate chemistry.


Technic Releases Boron-Free TechniBuffer IG pH Buffer

Technic Italgalvano has developed TechniBuffer IG, a boron-free pH buffer for nickel plating that the company says produces higher-quality results than boric-acid solutions.

Powder Coating

December Issue: Agricultural, Industrial Markets

The December issue of Products Finishing puts focus on coating and finishing in the agricultural and industrial markets.


A Conversation with Jody Richards of Process Technology

Products Finishing talked to Process Technology president Jody Richards about her forward-thinking strategy, the future of the finishing industry and more.


Alumina Reinforced ENiP Offers a Versatile Substitute for Electroplated Hard Chromium

This study investigated the addition of Cirrus Alumina Dopant™, a nanoparticle additive, to a variety of low phosphorus electroless nickel baths to evaluate the performance of the resulting nanocomposite coating as a potential replacement for hard chromium.  The results offer a versatile substitute for hard chromium in a broad range of applications.


Doerken Hires Marketing and Portfolio Implementation Manager

Doerken Corporation USA has hired Jacqueline Orow as its new marketing and portfolio implementation manager.


Coventya Enacts Leadership Changes

Coventya is promoting Lon Thrasher, Dr. Thorsten Kühler and Dr. Klaus Wojczykowski to new upper-level management positions.


Electro-codeposition of MCrAlY Coatings for Advanced Gas Turbine Applications - 11th Quarterly Research Report

The aim of this research is to seek a sulfur-free plating solution for electro-codeposition of (Ni,Co)-CrAlY composite coatings.  In this quarter, a sulfur-free, all-chloride plating solution was investigated to lower the sulfur content in the Ni-Co coating matrix.  Optimized bath composition and the use of a wetting agent are critical to good results.


Electro Chemical Finishing Earns DecoKlad License

Electro Chemical Finishing has earned DecoKlad licensing, becoming the third applicator in North America authorized for MacDermid Enthone Fashion Finishes.


Coventya Announces October 2020 Promotions

Coventya would like to recognize its October 2020 promotions of Matthew Wojcik, James Yahnke and Maurice Mills.