CFS Expands Electropolishing Services to Additional Markets

After providing electropolishing services to the industrial manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, Custom Fab Solutions has announced it is expanding its offerings to additional markets including food and beverage, medical devices and aerospace.
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New COVENTYA Warehouse Open in California

COVENTYA Inc. has expanded their logistical footprint by opening a new warehouse in Riverside, California.


Advint's Advisory and Training Services Assist Electroplating Businesses

Advint's advisory service emphasizes science, mathematics, technology and management to help clients achieve their goals.
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Universal Manufactures Automated Finishing Equipment

Universal Automation Systems’ turnkey modular solutions accommodate specific layout, sizing, bath chemistry and process control requirements. 
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Metal Chem Specializes in Electroless Nickel Chemistries for Plating

Metal Chem’s electroless nickel Meta-Plate UCB is RoHS-compliant and meets salt spray requirements.
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Sifco ASC's Travel Kits Designed for Quick Repairs

Sifco ASC's brush plating Travel Kits are made in cadmium, zinc-nickel, and silver noncyanide.
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ACT Process Verification Kit Audits Paint and Finishing Lines

Kit provides a test report, confirming corrosion resistance and coating performance, enabling users to determine product quality.
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Lumishield Electroplating Process Improves Adhesion and Corrosion Resistance

Once Lumidize is applied, surfaces chemically bind to topcoats without phosphate or primer.
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Dupont's Metallized Plastic Parts are Chrome-Free

The Ecoposit 95X high-throw, low-stress copper meets chrome-free regulation standards.
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Technic Products Address Challenging Applications

Technic’s proprietary technologies include the Spouted Bed Electroplater, a barrel alternative for small components, as well as and the CDP-2000, for accurate controlled depth plating.
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