LiloTree Provides Corrosion Resistance for Nickel Plating

LiloTree launched a corrosion inhibitor designed to prevent nickel corrosion with a barrier level that passivates and protects nickel plated surfaces.


Copper - More Than Just a Metal We Electroplate

Over many years, well-regarded AESF/NASF contributor Jack Dini contributed a series of fascinating columns to Plating & Surface Finishing, under the title Fact or Fiction?.  After his new offering in July, we are happy to offer a second welcome contribution to his output for the NASF, this time on copper.


NASF/AESF Foundation Research Project #121: Development of a Sustainability Metrics System and a Technical Solution Method for Sustainable Metal Finishing: 1st Quarterly Report

This report (1) introduces the new project and (2) covers the first quarter of project work (April-June 2020) on this project at Wayne State University in Detroit. The objective is to help metal finishing plants to conduct a self-managed sustainability assessment and identify technical solutions for sustainability performance improvement.  The reader is invited to contact Dr. Huang in identifying plating shops willing to participate in this program.


Arlington Plating Co. Joins Enameled Steel Partnership

Arlington Plating Co., known for plating and anodizing, joins established partnership between Enameled Steel and Midwestern Rust Proof. The resulting group will provide a robust list of offerings.


Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc. Acquired

The plating company has served the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer sectors since 1969. 
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Franke Plating Works Set to Expand Indiana Facilities

The expansion will more than double the company’s current production capacity.


Epner Technology Pays Tribute to Industry Legend Stephen Candiloro Jr.

David Epner of Epner Technology discusses the work of the late Stephen Candiloro Jr., a giant in the finishing community who passed away due to the coronavirus in April.


Columbia Chemical Granted General Motors Decorative Plating Color Style Approvals

Columbia Chemical has received color approvals from General Motors for its TriCOL Trivalent Chromium Plating Process.


Top Shops Executive Summit: An Exchange of Finishing Industry Ideas and Best Practices

This year’s inaugural Top Shops Executive Summit offers an opportunity for shop owners, executives and managers in the finishing industry to gather for networking and ideation.
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Avoiding Adhesion Failure Due to Paraffin

For plating applicators, paraffin residue can cause poor adhesion, delayed blistering or other poor-quality performance of the plated deposit, including poor corrosion resistance. Coventya director of business development Greg Terrell explains how to remove paraffin-based lubricants prior to plating.